Training Plan for Returning

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The duration of this plan is 2 months (8 weeks).





This plan consists in helping you return to running.  This plan is for 8 weeks, for 6 days a week (about 4 to 5 hours per week – it varies depending the week of the plan).

What is included:

  • Evaluation of questionnaire filled by you, where you define your goals, training experience, injuries, etc.
  • Customized training plan based on your answers to the questionnaire.
  • Modifications and optimizations to the plan (based on performance, training schedule, or physical signs)
  • Access to unlimited feedback and questions to our coaches via email or text messages.
  • Weekly motivational email, with important information, articles, tips, etc.

All Athletes Receive

  • Customized and personal training plan divided by weeks and initial and ending dates.
  • Weekly training plan (made exclusively for you, with personal goals)
  • Plan will include DETAILED ACTIVITIES with distance, and paces, which will help you achieve your goals.
  • Plan will be divided by week, you will receive your plan every four weeks.
  • Coach will review the plan with athlete every four weeks to check that everything is right on course or if there is the necessity to adapt or to change the plan.
  • Active athletes will receive a weekly email with importante information about the race they are training for, articles, and pertinent information:  advices pre race, post race, recovery, injury prevention, etc.


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